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Cangzhou Ocheng Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd

For more than 20 years, Cangzhou Aocheng Machinery Equipment co., LTD. has been providing customers with specialized hydraulic equipment with the philosophy of quality first. Our hydraulic machinery such as pipe making, fitting, bending, expanding, straightening, and beveling machines are versatile enough for a number of industrial projects, and our increasing production capacity allows us to better serve customers.At Aocheng, we combine theory with practice. Two of our hydraulic machi...

How to calculate the working pressure
How to calculate the working pressure

Working pressure this is a welding flange pressure parameters, materials and working temperature is not the same, the same nominal pressure products, their maximum working pressure is not the same.... 【View Details】

Si tong production process
Si tong production process

Hydraulic bulking: hydraulic bulking of four-way pipe is a forming process that compensates the bulking of branch pipe through the axial compensation of metal materials.... 【View Details】

Frequently Asked Questions/ FQ+
Elbow production process
The bending machine is the core head or mandrel, the core bar has thin and thick, the bending machine..
What is the manufacturing standard of
Three, as the name implies is three openings.One import, two exports;Or two imports and one export...
What types of welding flanges are ava
Butt welding flange with neck is usually called "high hinge" butt welding flange...
What are the main processing methods
Welding flange can greatly save space, reduce weight, and it can ensure that the joint does not appea..
What are the advantages of using insu
Insulation pipe fittings manufacturers products waterproof, anticorrosive, old - resistant..
What are the construction requirement
Thermal insulation pipe fitting construction requirements Of course, polyurethane insulation pipe fi..
Do you know how to anneal butt flange
To protect gas pressure of welding flange, in order to prevent slight leakage of welding flange, the ..
Introduction of elbow
The company produces various types of elbow, elbow is used to connect various kinds of steel pipe.The..
The main reason of quality decrease o
When the pipe is simply bent, the middle and outer walls of the pipe become thinner under the action ..
Pipe fitting production base
Production base Baibei industrial zone, mengcun hui autonomous county, cangzhou city, hebei province ..
Notes for welding elbow in use
Butt welding elbow is used in the butt welding of steel strip, profile, wire, steel bar, rail, boiler..
The difference between punched elbow
The difference between stamping elbow and welding elbow: stamping elbow is hot pressing elbow, which ..
Tee is divided into reducing tee and
Tee machine pipe fitting is a kind of pipe connection, three general in the main pipe branch pipe, te..
Straight seam elbow production proces
Straight - seam elbow is made of steel plate after welding.Due to different manufacturing processes, ..
Elbow cutting technology
The drawing method of elbow is a kind of elbow auxiliary line drawing method used when the elbow is b..
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